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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding on the Outer Banks

General Information

From our old site:

11-12 hrs. from Atlanta/ Yeah, you know where it is. It's almost even either up I-85 /I-40 to Raleigh (and then US 64) or across I-20 to Columbia and up I-95 to Rocky Mount. Generally, from central, western and northern metro Atlanta, it's faster to go up 85. Just try to avoid rush hours along the way. You have your choice of how to get to across the sound. Via Ocracoke and ferry is scenic but longer. For beginners: While Hatteras has a great reputation among advanced sailors, this is a great place to sail as it is chest deep for a long way (depending on wind, even 4-5 miles) out. You can make your mistakes and still walk home if need be. Also, the many shops and frequent clinics make instruction readily available. You will learn more in a week here than a year at Lanier.

Recommended Wind Directions

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W: yes | Wind center.png | E: yes

SW: yes | S: yes | SE: yes

Northwest North Northeast
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Southwest South Southeast

Getting There

Local Tips

Gregg Cattanach's Outer Banks Guide from the Lake Wind Advisory August 1997. Some of the information may be, of course, dated but his enthusiasm will make you want to drive there immediately.


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Selected Sailing Sites on the Outer Banks

Note that we said 'selected'. You can sail from almost anywhere on the Outer Banks, especially Nags Head and south. These are spots where there is easier access and you are likely to have company.

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