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Windsurfing and Kiteboarding on Lake Keowee

General Information

zzholt gave us this info via this thread on our forums after a Hurricane Florence session.

"I launched from South Cove County Park. I can't really say it's a great launch spot, UNLESS you might be camping there. The campground portion of the park is on a peninsula offering better access to the more open water and has lots of nice grass for rigging. The day users must resort to launching from the swimming area, making for a challenging, fluky cove to fight out of. As for that "organized swell".... I just don't know as I've only ever sailed on Keowee a few times and in light winds. Wind yesterday was from the NE, giving it a clean 2.5 mile fetch down to the open water I finally managed to work myself upwind to enjoy."

There appears to be a great place to launch from on the road beside the east side of the lake but there appears to be no available parking. Google Streetview shows a very clear No Parking sign right where a great launch would be for all westerlies. If anyone knows of a workaround or alternative, let us know.

Recommended Wind Directions

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W: yes | Wind center.png | E: yes

SW: yes | S: no | SE: no

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