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Dr. J (Jon Danovic) on Juliette
Campground Launch at Juliette

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding on Lake Juliette

General Information

Southwest winds (really, any southerly breezes) are good here, especially in the spring, and west to northwest are excellent. Water temperature is generally about 5 degrees warmer than Lanier during the winter (maybe due to power plant on the lake -- don't worry the lake is very clean, people practice scuba diving here) Also, boats with engines larger 25 h.p. are not allowed! From April through September there is a $2 parking fee. The rest of the year, the actual launching area is only open to local windsurfers via a locked gate. Lately, local windsurfers are those that the security guard recognizes and knows so read or post on the Forums if you are interested in going.

The locals are a tight bunch who welcome and encourage new faces. Even if it's not the closest launch, consider it as part of broadening your Georgia windsurfing experiences.

Recommended Wind Directions

NW: yes | N: no | NE: no

W: yes | Wind center.png | E: no

SW: yes | S: yes | SE: yes

Northwest North Northeast
West Wind center.png East
Southwest South Southeast

Other conditions can be sailed from the boat ramp but it can be a pain to get out to the wind.

Legacy Directions

50 min.(actually closer than Lanier if you live on the south side of Atlanta.)

To get there from Atlanta, take I-75 south to exit # 60 and turn left. Go east on 18 (for about 6 miles) until you come to the the first blinking red light. Take a left at the light on to highway 23 (north). Drive for about a mile and Dames Ferry park will be on your left.

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