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A number of small lakes around north Georgia have been sailed by a single or handful of hardy individuals. These smaller lakes typically don't have enough open space to be conducive to normal short boarding but, if you live close by, get you on the water in a pinch.

Carters Lake

This lake in northwest Georgia has been scouted out by several club members but no compelling windsurfing site has been discovered. Much of the issue seems to be the height of the surrounding terrain which creates wind shadows and turbulence.

Lake Horton

Recently constructed reservoir in Fayette County southeast of Atlanta. While it seems big enough to explore, swimming or any other bodily contact with the water is prohibited.

Lake Peachtree

Peachtree City residents only. In the past, there have been Atlanta Boardsailing Club members who lived and sailed in Peachtree City. Lake Peachtree is rather small and has restricted access. However, for residents, it may allow a quick sail or sunset soul session.

Lake Windward

Restricted to Lake Windward community residents. Richard Genet has reported sailing here but it is small and winds are affected by local geology and trees. With Lake Lanier so close, sailing here is more out of convenience when conditions and mood just don't warrant a drive up to Lanier.


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