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Craig's List is a popular way to buy used and sell used items. We've bought furniture, bicycles and even some of our current quiver from there. However, caveat emptor: unless you do your research, it's a great way to buy someone else's crap that's been sitting in their garage for years: obsolete, hard to learn on and you'll end up ditching almost all of it if you actually continue windsurfing.

Let's repeat: Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's a good deal. Do your researchand ask questions.

Here are a couple of ads from Craig's List where you can get a bunch of kit for under $300. Considering a new board alone can cost from $1200-1800, that means it's a great deal, right? Right?

A reliable board in 1986

A very short board for sail

Because we have a sense of humour:

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