Atlanta Fall Classic 2019

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41st Annual Atlanta Fall Classic

Oct 19-2, 2019 Lake Lanier Sailing Club

Race Director: Chris Voith

Race Reports and Results Photo Gallery

Top Finishers

There weren't enough Konas or LTs for separate trophy groups so we did Open & Sport with weight divisions.

Open - Light

1- Dave Stanger (1st overall) 2- Billy Mason (2nd) 3- Joe Sisson (7th)

Open - Less Light

1- Dan Olivier (3rd) 2- Chris Voith* (4th) 3- Scott Spreen* (5th)

  • Tie (broken by 1 better finish)

Sport - Light

1- Richard Genet (2nd) 2- Cameron Williams (3rd) 3- Alan Sloman (5th)

Sport - Less Light

1- John Jordan (1st) 2- Cody Steward (4th) 3- Bob Graves (6th)