Atlanta Fall Classic 2012

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34th Annual Atlanta Fall Classic

Oct 20-21, 2012 Lake Lanier Sailing Club

Race Director: Chris Voith

The End of the World Regatta (or "How We Exploded an Inordinate Amount of Pyrotechnics")

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Sport Heavy
1. John Jordan (1st Sport overall)
2. Richard Genet
3. Stephan Els (first ever regatta!)

Sport Light
1. Bob Andrews
2. Steve Campbell
3. William O. Herderich

Sport- Smokin' Hot Babes
1. Linda Downey
2. Julea Williams

Open Light
1. Kurt Shoemaker (1st overall w/ all 1st place finishes)
2. Dave Stanger
3. Kevin Osburn

Open Heavy
1. Chris Voith
2. Dan Olivier
3. Dan Burch