Atlanta Fall Classic (Description)

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Start at 30th Fall Classic 2008. Photo by Bill Herderich.

We believe that our annual Fall Classic is the longest continuously running windsurfing regatta having started in 1978.


In recent years, the regatta has been hosted at the Lake Lanier Sailing Club .


Conditions will vary from light winds where pumping is necessary for good performance to stronger breezes where planing transitions and the ability to sail downwind are important. Conditions generally favor longboards, however. As well, the terrain around the LLSC may impact wind strength at the margins of the race course so while you may plane in the middle, you may find yourself unable to do so at the laylines, for instance.


Typically, windsurfing regattas have multiple divisions to promote competition. This allows competitors most like each other in terms of skill, size, experience, etc. Often, at the Fall Classic, we use the following fleets and divisions:


Open fleet is usually, stronger and more experienced competitors who sail a longer course, challenging their strength and endurance.


Sport Fleet is usually sailors who are less experienced or more experienced but desiring to sail a shorter course. It would be an unwarranted assumption that all the sailors in this category are necessarily slow. Some fierce Seniors sail this division who want to race but haven't the strength or desire to sail a longer course.


Sail size restricted to 7.5 sq. meters. Usually Sport Fleet allows only this grouping. If you want to race a 9.5, you probably should be in Open Fleet.


No restriction on sail size.

Weight divisions

Since a windsurfer's performance, all other things being equal, can be strongly influenced by his/her weight, competitors of similar weights are often grouped together.

One Design or Formula Fleets

Some sailors enjoying sailing against others using identical or regulated equipment such as the IMCO, Kona and Formula classes.

Other divisions

Age (Seniors), Novice and other divisions may be used.

Past Races

Note: This is a partial list which will be expanding over time as we collect information about past races.