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Rule One: We Are Your Friend

We want you to have fun. We want you to have fun with the least amount of work. We don't want you to spend unnecessary money on obsolete or ill-suited equpment. We don't want you to spend years making the same mistakes that make any of this more difficult than it needs to be.

You also will understand that:

  • The content of this website is contributed by volunteers who do so out of their affection for our sport
  • We will endeavor to answer any windsurfing or kiteboarding related question or concern, either here or on our Forums.
  • Some material may be of archival in nature and no longer applicable or accurate
  • We try really hard around here. If you have any problem, please let us know. We will do our best to help or make it right.

Rule Two: Don't Be an Idiot

By using this website and this wiki, you promise to and agree that:

  • You will not be an idiot. You will understand:
    • the inherent risks of any water sport including windsurfing, kiteboarding, wingfoiling and sailing.
    • that water, weather and other conditions change constantly and any water activity requires your constant attention.
    • that windsports often occur in challenging conditions and your equipment, outerware (wetsuits, etc.) and preparation must be suitable for the task as well as the case of injury, equipment breakage or other mishap. A failure of a ten dollar piece of equipment should not endanger your life.
    • that as soon as you leave the beach, you can not and should not assume anyone else will rescue you from either your bad judgment, an adverse change in conditions or equipment failure.
    • that only you and you alone can determine whether conditions, your equipment and your preparation are sufficient for being safe
  • Let us be clear on this: Only you and you alone are the final judge of your safety. Not anyone else, whether from this website and club or any other windsurfing resource.

Rule Three: Proper Instruction and Equipment are the Path to Enlightenment

  • If you are learning, please take the time to get a lesson, clinic if at all possible. It will save you a year of windsurfing.
  • If you are learning to kiteboard/kitesurf, instruction is imperative. It is not optional. You are significantly at risk of hurting or killing yourself or others. If you are too cheap to get lessons, choose another sport where instructions are optional like skydiving, scuba diving, or flying just about anything. What? Those sports require instruction? Exactly - that's our point.
  • Use appropriate equipment to your skill level. More people have abandoned the sport from this reason than about any other. With the right equipment, a five year old can windsurf. With the wrong equipment, it can be from daunting and frustrating to just about impossible.
  • Rarely can anyone successfully teach anyone else related by blood or marriage to windsurf. Instead, plan a trip some place warm that has instruction. You will both get a great trip out of it and no feelings will get hurt.

Rule Four: This is about Fun

  • Be nice, have fun and keep all the energy positive. Be courteous to those around you on the road, water and beach. You represent the sport by everything you do. Your excitement and kindness to others is the sport's best advertisement.
  • There is no bad day windsurfing as long as you are safe (see Rule 1). We are blessed and fortunate to have the time and resources to play; others aren't as lucky.

Rule Five: The Other Four Rules

will go a long way in keeping you safe and windsurfing for many years.

Rule Six: Open Source

This web site is powered by various open source projects and the information and content you submit should be considered open source under various licences including the GNU Free Documentation License. Share the love, spread the love. Our thanks to various communities including Scientific Linux and CentOS; Apache, Mediawiki, Drupal, MariaDB and others.