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Long Point Rec Area
Long Point Rec Area
Long Point Rec Area

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding on Hartwell Lake

General Information

Hartwell Lake straddles the Georgia/South Carolina line and many of us know it as the lake we drive over going north on I-85. The part visible from the interstate is just a small part of a larger lake which has many interesting launches which, together, accommodate every wind direction. Long Point and Elrod Ferry are the most accessible from Atlanta and the others aren't much further.

"The lower part of Lake Hartwell (Corps of Engineers Project) near the dam, is favorable for sailing, with 1 to 3 miles of open water. Several peninsulas stick out into the Lake. One of these is Long Point Recreation area, my favorite spot for windsurfing or sailing in the region. Long Point is close to the town of Hartwell, GA. Other good locations, depending upon wind direction, include Elrod Ferry, Singing Pines, and Sadler's Creek. When the Corps of Engineers sites have been closed, I have sometimes sailed from Hart State Park which is on a narrower body of water, but can work in a W or NW wind.

While Lake Hartwell is my favorite sailing place, its water levels vary quite a bit depending upon rain and drought conditions, so I should qualify that to say its my favorite spot when it is within 5 feet of full pool. When the level is below 10 feet low, you end up standing in a lot of thick bottom mud, and dodging the tops of trees that were submerged 50 years ago. Unfortunately budget cuts have also induced the Corps of Engineers to close Long Point and some other sites on Hartwell just after Labor Day, instead of keeping them open into October (otherwise prime sailing time)." Source

zzholt has given us a couple of new spots via this thread on our forums: "I usually sail Hartwell launching from Broyles Rec. Area or Green Pond." These spots are more accessible from Clemson/Anderson/Greenville, etc.

Report on sailing at Long Point Rec Area: Hartwell FTW

Recommended Wind Directions

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W: yes | Wind center.png | E: yes

SW: yes | S: yes | SE: yes

Northwest North Northeast
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Southwest South Southeast

Legacy Directions

1 hr. 45 min. I-85 N until about 10 miles before SC state line. We believe the Lavonia/Ga. 17 exit is the closest. Go east towards the town of Hartwell. Go through town and take the old U.S. 29 (we think this is now GA Spur 51). The old highway basically deadends on a penninsula giving you access to winds from most directions.

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