Atlanta Fall Classic 2004

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The 26th Annual Fall Classic

October 23-24, 2004 at the Lake Lanier Sailing Club

Race Director: Chris Voith



  1. Pat Nugent # 821
  2. Chris Voith # 818
  3. Gregg Cattanach # US 625
  4. Steve Bogan # 2
  5. Tina Mazanek # SPT
  6. Carl Arrigoni # 616


  1. Mike Quigley #1089
  2. Robert Nelson # NTS1
  3. Dan Gutting # 80
  4. Marty Gutting #4202
  5. John Preisler #FL40
  6. Steve Haase #8
  7. John (Dave) Denmark #11
  8. Bert Eskridge #221
  9. Joe Quimby #0
  10. Richard Genet #9

Race Report

by Chris Voith original post on

Thanks to all who came and to those who helped out with the regatta. Extra special thanks go to our sponsors- Tim Carter & Windsense, Whitecap Windsurfing and Lisa Osburn who donated an all-inclusive Club Med trip for 2! John Preisler from FL was the lucky winner.

Saturday had pretty light wind (5-10), with very tactical shifts and puffs to make it interesting. We got in 4 races. Sunday was lighter and kind of misty so we pulled the plug at around noon to get people on the road.

Nice weekend for camping and hanging out -- just cool enough for a fire in the newly renovated LLSC clubhouse. Lots of good eats. The Elvis outing turned into a nice boat ride on Steve Haase's beautiful houseboat ("Yes that's a hot tub on top...") when we discovered in wouldn't make it under Brown's Bridge!