You Are Not Average

Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. - George Carlin

Fortunately, we aren't talking about your intelligence but, rather, your body size. A lot of us aren't average. We are bigger, smaller, heavier and lighter than the "average" windsurfer. And, certainly, we don't windsurf in an average place.

Peter Hart has written a pair of articles about windsurfing when you aren't the average size. We can't recommend these enough. You should read both whether you are a larger or smaller than average person as there is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned.

Peter Hart: Big Men, Small Problems Peter Hart: Small, But Perfectly Formed

While you are on a Peter Hart kick, we can recommend the following pair about Ken Way, former champion windsurfer and sports and performance therapist to Leicester City* for their unbelievable championship year.

Where There's a Will, There Turns Out to be a Way The Winning Way, Part 2

*If you aren't a soccer fan or don't keep up with English Premier Football, but love sports, you need to know this story.

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