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We've just finished up a project that we've been tinkering with the last few months. A bit like Area 51, this explains the sometimes weird formatting you might have encountered recently as we experimented under deep secrecy. Not even our cockatiel was aware of what was going on (which is good since we don't have a bird).

Since the last major revision to the website a few years back, it's been relatively mobile device friendly. Relatively. There were some things that probably could have been done better but at least google didn't complain when we did mobile tests on their search console we use. However, we came across something neat on windguru.cz, a site we link under forecasts: a tutorial on how to "appify" a website, ie turn a website into a mobile app. Inspired, we've generated a special page you can go to and use for your "windsportatlanta.com" app. However, if you prefer, you can turn the regular home page into an app by the same process.

What's different about our "app" page? We've slimmed down the front page from slides into one page of the sections you'll probably use most. In addition, we've added some icons to help you refresh and guide you to the home page. These icons only appear on smaller screens - the desktop version looks just the same as the rest of the site. You must refresh the page to see new content. We experimented with a number of ways to autorefresh but it adds traffic to either/both your phone and our server. We've opted to save your battery and our bandwidth so just touch the refresh icon in the menu bar to see any updates.

If you aren't familiar with the process, here's what to do:
First, visit windguru.cz's app page and find out how to do it for your type of phone: Android or IOS. Progressive apps on windguru.cz
Next, go to our "To Go" page on your mobile device which you can then turn into your app using the above steps: windsportatlanta.com "on the go". Of course, if you prefer, you can turn the home page or any other page into an app as well.

That's it!

Short version of steps:

IOS (Iphone)

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