Monthly Caption of the Week Contest

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This is this month's "Caption of the Week Contest". Yes, yes, I know - monthly, weekly. Don't blame me, I only post this stuff, I don't make it up. Take that up with the management (and, good luck with that).

Based on the observations that a) it's been pretty slow around here lately and, as web monkey, I don't have much to do; and b) there are some great pictures in our Foto Gallery, the management has decided that some of the pics need captions. The captions need not be directly related to what actually was happening in the picture. No, the purpose is to think of re-interpretations, much like a revisionist historian.

Of course, no disrespect is meant to those in the picture. Think of yourselves as actors in a performance; you are only playing the part of the character. If you met Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels, you wouldn't be expecting the characters they played from Dumb and Dumber. Sadly, however, there's little chance that you will win an Oscar, Emmy, Tony or Golden Globe for your appearance.

Here's this month's picture. Put your entry for the Monthly Caption of the Week in the comments below.

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Being a webmonkey isn't so bad. At least I'm not windsurfing.

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Okay, I'll bite...

My contribution to this affair (why do I feel like I'm waving to the Titanic as it's leaving the dock?)

"Hey, I'm trying to tie off the clew end while you are looking for spare change in the luff sleeve. A little help please?"

Awful, I know, but I'm sure Randy can do better.

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Speaking of Randy

I know Randy's already got in 3 hours of sailing, but don't rush, it's only 9:00am.

Gene Mathis

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My try

1. "Anybody seen my keys?"

2. "Think anybody will find my dope in here?"

3. "Damn - I know left my underwear somewehere...."

What happens in a black hole stays in a black hole.

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Whoda thunk?

So great we can be sail caddies for Barrett!

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thanks to cv for the inspiration;
Barrett takes advantage of Cactus Car Wash's newest location in Nags Head, NC.: his sail getting the $16 wash, clean and detail.

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