Holiday Party 2019 Edition Dec 7

Editor's note: Yeah, some massive copy and paste. I'd be more original but I'm devoting my creativity towards the ideal White Elephant Gift and various dishes I might bring.

The Details!

Date: (Sure, it's in the title but just as a reminder) Saturday, December 7

Time: 7 pm. Just enough time to get home from whatever you do for fun Saturday afternoon, clean up and head on over.

Where: the fashionable old control tower at Peachtree Dekalb Airport. Google Maps Linky The stairs are inside the building just to the left of the Downwind Restaurant. There are a couple of flights of stairs to climb.

Guests: Yes! Of course. Spouses, SOs, friends, relatives.

What to bring: If you wish, bring a main course, side dish, salad or desert - it's perfectly okay to come without (ie don't stress about cooking). If you have a dietary restriction, you may want to bring something appropriate. The club is throwing in a couple of main courses, side dishes and desserts. Post in the comments what you are thinking of bringing if you wish. BYOB.

What else to bring: Bring something for the ever popular White Elephant Gift Exchange. This is always the highlight of the evening. You may bring a regift, something moderately nice or something amusing. If you forget to bring something, no worries, I'm bringing a pieces of quality vintage gear you may use as your gift (quantities limited). Past gifts have ranged from a bottle of wine, an old windsurf board to bunny slippers.

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