Getting Ready for the Season

Fall Classic and Nags Head

Any local windsurfer knows that we spend August mostly waiting for September. Unless you are lucky enough to travel someplace windy, the most windsurfing-ish activity you can do is repair those nicks in your fins and dings in your boards.Since I've got plenty of my own to work on (nicks and dings), I should be busy for another couple of weeks. Labor Day is always a decent rough guide to the windy season. The days will cool. The weather patterns will slowly change. Before we know it, we'll be cursing the cold and enjoying the wind.

Each fall there are some important events and happenings to keep in mind.

The 38th Annual Fall Classic, Oct 22-23

The longest continuous windsurfing event in the U.S., the Fall Classic is more than just a race. It's a weekend of food, fun and seeing friends from around the Southeast. This year's running will be October 22-23 at it's traditional home, the Lake Lanier Sailing Club and hosted by Chris Voith. It's a regatta and more. If you have any sort of competitive streak in you, it's fun. Nobody is super serious and racers are split into groups according to weight, equipment, experience, etc. so there's something for everyone including the "I can barely sail in a circle" crowd. Once every ten years, conditions favor shortboards but this is Atlanta - you'll almost always go faster on something long and with a centerboard. Many of us keep an old longboard in the garage for just this weekend.

If you don't race, you are still welcome - and encouraged to come. It's great just to hang out with windsurfers and the meals are worth the price of admission alone. Especially, if you are just starting out, it's a fantastic place to hang because you'll learn more in a weekend here than any other in Atlanta.

Barrett's Nags Head Trip

Fall (and Spring) are the best times to head to North Carolina's Outer Banks. The OBX is known world-wide for ideal conditions for windsurfing and kiting with steady breezes, shallow Sound-side sailing and waves for the more adventurous. The real attraction though is the availability of housing right on the water. Typically the houses are big enough to share and with off season rates the whole week is very affordable. Your gear stays rigged downstairs and each day you wake up ready to sail out the back door. Last spring, I sailed in planing conditions ten straight days - my whole trip.. I think Barrett's streak was around fourteen.

Barrett plans to be there the weeks of October 8-15 and 15-22; and he still has openings. PM him for more information.

Fall Opener TBA

Also keep an eye out for an informal, impromptu get together. If the weather looks good for a weekend session while it's still pleasant, we'll announce a casual picnic. Nothing fancy but a reason to sit and talk between sailing sessions. Just one more reason to check in here regularly.
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