Turkey Live

Originally, this article was about the PWA Tour event in Alacati, Turkey. Thanks to the miracle of the intertubes, slalom racing heats were being broadcast live during the event. Quite fun to watch and a big difference from the dark ages when you saw two pictures in a magazine three months later or maybe a clip on a new VHS video.

One thing that struck me was that jibing is even hard for the pros. Of course, they are trying to jibe way overpowered in a small space between another board and the mark through the wakes of the boards in front of them. Nonetheless, my ego found it comforting that I'm not the only person to swim while trying to get a windsurfer to go from one direction to another.

As the event is finished, chances are you won't be seeing any more live video. (I'm smart that way, aren't I?) We'll leave the link up because it has links to videos from the event that you may want to watch if you missed the live action. And, because we endeavor to entertain and I don't want to delete or change the title of the article, we present a video Chris Voith shot last spring (April 2012) featuring himself and Scott Spreen (Scott is on the yellow board).

Boogie on the Beach April 2012 from Chris Voith on Vimeo.

Our original Post:

Türkiye Live

PWA Alacati, Turkey through Sept 1. They are seven hours ahead of us. Enjoy. If it says unavailable, it's probably finished for the day.

Source: http://boards.mpora.com/features/pwa-alacati-live-sean-obrien-reports.html

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Last heat run about 10:15 am

Last heat run about 10:15 am Atlanta time. Check back in Friday morning. Fun to see how fast these guys/gals go.

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