Sally 2020

Photos during the week of September 14, 2020 as Atlanta came under the influence of Hurricane Sally which came ashore in AL as a Cat 2.

Photos by Thea Genet (tg), Hamdi Demirci (hd), Langdon Garner (lg), Barrett Walker (bw).

Why we are Windsport Atlanta

A few years ago we changed our website name to While for many of us, windsurfing would always have the first place in our heart, we recognized that there are so many ways to enjoy the wind: windsurf, kitesurf, wings, foils, sailboats, windskates and more. What brings us all together here is the thrill we all get when we feel a fresh breeze blowing against our face.

Kai Lenny, arguably the best waterman on the planet at the moment, demonstrates this with a day at Hookipa with all his wind toys: kitesurf, wingfoil, windsurf.


Early May and Big Wednesday

The usual spring windy season was late this year. March was almost record breaking warm. It seems the jet stream was saving itself for April and even May after the water had warmed. Photos by Chris Voith (cv), Barrett Walker (bw) and Mark Smith (ms). All photos at Van Pugh Park Lake Lanier or as noted Old Federal Park Lake Lanier, Shaeffer Heard Park, West Point Lake

BW denotes photos from Big Wednesday:

Windy Spring Day at Van Pugh

A cool and windy late April day brings out a crowd to Van Pugh Park on Lake Lanier (4/26/20). Old faces, new faces and even a new sport as our first wingfoiler left the confines of earth and flew on the foil! Photos by Chris Voith. Additional photos by Barrett Walker and Gary Holt

Forum posts from the day here: