Gorge July 2018

Posted: July 27, 2018 by Marek

Sophie's and Marek's Gorge Trip July 2018 - Hatchery, Avery, The Wall, and back to Hatchery.
Most days were 3.5-4.7...and a few hot days with no wind that were good for tube floating down the Klickatat river in Lyle.
Great trip!

Hatchery parking area- Da ride, da gear and da dog
On days when it blows only at the Hatchery it gets busy
Traffic anyone?
Doug's beach
Doug's - Sophie on 3.5
Avery Beach - doing the international sign for "it's windy" - learn it!
Mt Hood view from Avery
Sophie's Mom and Stepdad at Avery
Sophie on 2.9 at Avery
The Wall
Marek on 3.5 at "the Wall"
More Wall - Love this place
....and more Wall
Hatchery, Sophie on 2.9 again
Da BARGE!....good idea to give right of way
Sophie's mom at Hatchery
View towards the west at the Hatchery