Foto Gallery

The Atlanta Boardsailing Club Foto Gallery. Pictures submitted by club members. If you would like to share your pictures (or even picture) of local windsurfing, kiting or from your trip, contact the webmaster for directions.

First 4.5 cold front 12.21.08 by Marcel
Submitted by: zemmar
Lake Lanier 12-12-08 - by Barrett Walker

Joe, Marcel, Gene, Chris V., Matt & Barrett enjoy a "warm" December afternoon windsurfing at Lake Lanier.

Submitted by: bpw
October 11th, 2008 - Van Pugh - by Greta Garcia
Submitted by: albert
Bonaire Hurricane report from Monique. Posted by Barrett 10-18-08

Yeap I'm ok, but the storm destroyed quite a lot. On Tuesday and Wednesday schools were closed. I went to the boulevard and the boys Taty, Tonky, Kiri and some others where doing freestyle in the waves. Taty got a wipe out and broke all his gear board, bo

Submitted by: bpw
Whitecap Windsurfing's OBX trip, Oct.'08
Submitted by: Chuck_Hardin
30th Atlanta Fall Classic
Submitted by: FoilDodo
Labor Day/Gustav 2008 at V.P.

Thanks to Blanka Zeman for the pictuers

Submitted by: zemmar
Epic 4th day of Faye by Marcel
Submitted by: zemmar
More pictures caused by Faye & by Marcel

day 3

Submitted by: zemmar
Tropical Storm Faye - Day 3, photos by Barrett Walker

Tropical Storm Faye brings warm August wind to Atlanta. Each day has brought a stronger east breeze, until on day three, twenty windsurfers turn out for 6 meter wind.

Submitted by: bpw
Bonaire, July 2008 by Barrett and Peggy Walker

Three Atlanta couples windsurf Bonaire. The island is in the trade wind belt of the Caribbean. When Atlanta is in the early-summer doldrums, Bonaire has steady 15 to 25 mph winds. This is a great place for families, and learning to windsurf in warm, sh

Submitted by: bpw
Jekyll Island Road Trip, June 2008, photos by Barrett & Peggy Walker

Gene & Alan have invited Atlanta wind & kite surfers to join them as they vacation on the Georgia coast at Jekyll Island. Peggy & I stayed for two days. Monday was sunny with a steady 15-20 mph afternoon seabreeze. Tuesday started out mild,

Submitted by: bpw
Big Wind May 11. by Marcel Zeman
Submitted by: zemmar
May 2008 - Nags Head Windsurfing photos by Barrett Walker & Blanka Zeman
Submitted by: zemmar
April 2008 - Nags Head Windsurfing photos by Barrett
Submitted by: bpw