Winter Break in Tarpon Springs

Atlanta windsurfers and kiteboarders take a winter break from the cold and grab an epic weekend in Tarpon Springs, Fl. Photos by Barrett Walker

Entrance Fred Howard Park
Leave the wide boards on top today - 35 mph wind !
A lot of small sails and boards in the grass
William pretends to know what he's talking about
Chris and Phil
3.5 meter conditions
Chris rigs down
Kites and 4.5s
William gets the 4.5 wet
Barrett, Philip, William - boom cam. Fred Howard Park Island in distance.
Philip - GoPro shot by Barrett
Barrett chasing Philip
Tim with big board & small sail
Windsurfers & kiters mix it up
David Delozier taking a break from kiting
Skimmers flying
Taking a break
Regina & Mark
Chris Campbell
Big shout out to Langdon for getting us together at Fred Howard Park
Side trip Tarpon Springs. Storm clouds in evening.
Traditional sponge boat, Tarpon Springs
Sponges drying on working boat
Mural at Sponge Docks, Tarpon Springs
Greek sponge diver at shop, Sponge Docks, Tarpon Springs
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Re: Winter Break in Tarpon Springs

Great pics, Barrett. And big thanks to Langdon for the spark of genius that not only led to the trip but by choosing the perfect weekend for it.