Winter blues? Not in FL

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Winter blues? Not in FL

Chilly, no wind. Last few days have been a drag. Worse, I've been just eating Christmas desserts and my waist harness won't even fit around my ankle.

Dave "aka" BigDog just sent these taken today by Rick Lossi "who posts lots of cool pics on FaceBook." according to Dave Rick took them from his kite. That is the Hillsboro Inlet lighthouse in the background.

The outer reef in the pic at the bottom is in about 10 ft of water so the swell jacks up pretty well but it's deep enough that your gear isn't washed on the bottom. Dave said, "here is a good picture of a buddy kiting on the waves of the outer reef her in Fort Lauderdale. As you can see, they get to be a fun size in the winter at low tide. Not sure I would foil in them!"

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