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I am Ivo, founder of Windy.

14 years ago I was part of the Czech sailing team RADOST (happiness in English) and we had a beautiful self-made carbon monohull T830. We won most of the races in fact, because we participated in a special category where better design and a faster boat gave us a big advantage.

A lot of time has passed since then, and hearing about Greta Thunberg setting sail to New York on a beautiful carbon IMOCA 60 monohull Malizia II brings back a lot of nice memories. So I am more than happy that we can provide a live tracker where you can see Greta's progress online, together with a wind and wave forecast and with almost real time satellite and lightning observation. Windy is a good choice for such a tracker since we DO NOT serve tracking cookies to users, and we are a free and zero-advertisement service. There was a time in our company's history when we wanted to turn Windy into a non-profit, Wikipedia like foundation, but complicated EU legislation and corporate greed of our providers destroyed these plans.

But back to Greta. The tracker can be found on

Details about Greta's trip can be found in Pavel's article here

In the next generations our societies will go through a big transformation called decarbonization and I am aware that a lot of activities and hobbies we have today will be reduced by carbon taxes and regulations. This is quite unsettling, but thanks to Greta and millions of young kids like her, I understand that the change is necessary. On the other hand, as a kiter and former sailor, I know how much fun a person can have with just a gust of wind. And that is the reason I founded Windy back in 2014.

Carbon is better in a boat than in the atmosphere.

Greta, enjoy the ride and stay safe.


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