Windsurfing San Francisco Bay

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Windsurfing San Francisco Bay

My wife and I just returned from visiting our daughter near San Francisco. During the visit I took the opportunity to windsurf on the Bay at Coyote Point State Park.

Coyote Point is near the SFO airport, so near in fact that if you sail out half a mile from shore, you're a couple hundred feet under the approach path of jets landing on the parallel runways.

BoardSports rents gear right on the water with showers & grassy rigging areas. I sailed a 100 liter board with a 4.7m sail. If I brought my own gear, I would have used an 85 liter wave board, but the rental gear was super convenient.

The Bay had big swell & steady wind - so much fun compared to Lake Lanier. The water temp and air temp. were the same at 58F. This is a great place to meet locals and sail with an international group of wind and kite surfers.

2) Sofie visiting from England, enjoying the comparatively "warm" water of the Bay.
3) BoardSports, Coyote Point State Park, San Francisco Bay


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