Windfoiling in Alaçatı Turkey

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Windfoiling in Alaçatı Turkey

I guess I am not as considerate as William (no big news flash there) - so I will write about the good conditions and location we had today. Alaçatı is known as Turkey’s premium windsurfing location with great winds most of the year. Today did not disappoint. When I ariived, there were easily over 50 sailors on the water, not counting a couple dozen kiters across the bay (they seem to start from an entirely different part of the bay and for the most part not get too close to the wind and wing surfers). Water is shallow quite a ways and wind is strong (I would guess 16-25ish today), thus most people are in fin, I was the only windfoiler and there were 2 wing foilers. Once I walked about 100 yards out and get on foil, still had plenty of space for foiling uninterrupted quite a ways.

Multiple schools and rental places lined side by side. Good equipment - I had a modern Taboo foil board, Gaastra HD sails, carbon boom and mast, Gaastra carbon foil. Paid $55 for 2 hrs, all included. Started with 6.4, got overpowered, went down to 5.2 and had a great time, practically all on foil (minus turns) for 2 hrs, about 20 miles.

A few pics attached. Sorry for verbose message.

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Re: Windfoiling in Alaçatı Turkey

More words! We want to read all the details. Sounds like you are having a blast. Not missing much here so enjoy the breeze while you can.

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