Want to learn to kiteboard

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Want to learn to kiteboard

Anybody going kiteboarding around Atlanta soon? I would like to come watch. Have done a lot of boating, skiing, scuba diving -- but never kiteboarding. I would like to watch someone do it, up close and first hand.

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Re: Want to learn to kiteboard


Weather looks pretty crappy for the next week or so. This is more the end of the wind season. It'll probably take a forecast of at least 10-15 mph to get anyone out on the water. Parks to keep an eye on (all Lanier): Old Federal on anything west and Vann's Tavern on anything east.

Also, check out the Atlanta Kiteboarding Facebook page although many of the guys that go locally hang out here, too, as there is a decent amount of folks that do both kite and windsurf.

If you really want to get into it, start thinking about getting on one of the Hatteras trips for the fall. The Outer Banks are a fantastic place to learn and there are a bunch of shops, schools, etc up there.

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Re: Want to learn to kiteboard

Hey Bret, web guy is spot on with his advice. Much easier to learn in shallow water like Hatteras, or the Keys. Get a trainer kite, I might sell mine. Fly it till you can write your name in cursive across the sky with it. Still be prepared to go downwind while learning, have a rescue plan and practice your kite release. Safety is the goal, a big kite has a lot of power if not controlled. Other warning....wind sports are very addictive!!

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