Understanding Wind Flow

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Understanding Wind Flow

FYI-Article about aviation weather. Some of it might be applicable to surface activities. "The movement of the air in our atmosphere has significant impact on our flight planning and in-flight decisions."


Bill Herderich

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Re: Understanding Wind Flow

Interesting bit:

Wind flow patterns aloft draw a picture of how the Jet Stream is pulling major weather systems. A wildly waving pattern is prevalent in spring and fall as the planet’s axis is neutral to the sun. In summer and mid-winter when the sun is closest to one pole or another, the middle regions of the planet don’t get as much thermal stimulation in the upper atmosphere.

During the winter in the northern hemisphere when the sun is striking the ground further south, the air is warmer and rising upwards then expanding. This creates a vacuum closer to the ground levels and the heavy cold air from the North Pole wants to push southward to fill it. The Jet Stream drags all those layers of atmosphere below it eastwards across most of North America.

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