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Well, the past 48 hours have been cray, cray, amirite? The news that Kim and Kanye splitting and who knows what else has been going on...

Well, fifteen minutes after stuffing down Barrett's birthday cupcake (Happy 72, Big Guy), I was out on the water and exiting my first jibe to what I though was going to be my big story for the day. As I exited, happily on the foil, I stared at a work boat pushing a dock. Oops. I hadn't seen or heard it but there it was - 40 ft of aluminum, foam and decking being pushed at maybe 3 mph. Fell off the foil and waited for them to pass without incident but I did feel a bit silly not missing all of that while sailing along. After all, how do you miss something that big going no miles per hour?

But that wasn't my biggest story of the day. About an hour and half later, after zipping back and forth up in the channel nicely powered, I felt a twinge of indigestion and figured that either the sugar in the cupcake, the post nasal drip or combination of both was sitting a bit on my tummy. A few long down wind legs and I was home. Easy peasy. I'll save you the extended version but the "indigestion" got worse while I started to derig and a few strong burps didn't relieve the pressure for more than a moment. After worrying half the people in the parking lot, I finally got hold of my wife who convinced me to pull the ripcord and phone 911.

I didn't have indigestion, I was actually suffering a major heart attack with the complete blockage of a major artery. Within about a half hour or so of leaving Van Pugh, a cardiologist was inserting a stent. That we windsurf within 5 min of a rescue station on Gaines Ferry Rd and about 20 min from a major cardiac center at North GA is truly a blessing.

Now, 48 hours later, I'm home with a good prognosis. So many of our community there that day helped and I'm grateful to you all. I won't know my timetable for returning to the water but, all things considered, it will be soon enough and, hey, at least I won't be whining about cold hands and feet the next few weeks.

If anyone has specific questions, you can PM me. Again, thanks to a great community.

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