Thursday the Thirteenth

A windy and chilly Thursday in February, 2020. Lake Lanier was five feet over full pool and headed shortly to it's second highest level on record the next day. Photos by Langdon Garner and Barrett Walker. Winds W 15-25+ . Temps around 50 deg. Water temp 48 deg.

Forum discussion for that day:

Scott and William
Barrett's off the water
Shred Dog (Scott Spreen) soars
Scott jibes
Scott and Chris
Barrett with a good jump
Scott (foreground) and William
Barrett and Alan
Barrett shows off his weed fin.
Barrett coming back to the launch
Langdon rising off the water
Scott and Barret survey the conditions
Barrett smiles for the camera
Scott (l) and William running deep offwind
Chris (l) and William
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Re: Thursday the Thirteenth

Thanks for some great pics.