Tarpon Springs MLK Weekend 2019

Another trip down to Tarpon Springs in January and the Atlanta crew was lucky again. Gene, Dave, Simon, Langdon and William made the trip. Saturday was a warm southern breeze at 15-20. Sunday was much cooler but still comfortable by Atlanta standards - 25-30 and 4.5s were very well powered. Monday was lighter but a great day for foiling. Bonus day Tuesday was a an offshore 15-20 from the east so a great day to rip a few jibes.

Pics mostly by Langdon and some from William

Sunday was survival. The water looks flat but it's blowing 25-30
Gene and William
Gliding on a light wind day.
A lightwind foil and 5.4 on a 10-15 day
Gene was getting flights Saturday
William takes Gene's Slingshot for a test ride. Simon looks on.
The beach was busy on Saturday
Dave launches off the beach
Gene jibing on a 4.5
Gene coming in
On Sunday, a 4.7 was too much
Dave, Simon, Mark and William
Mind the low tide!
Simon launching
Bonus Day Tuesday -12-18 and warm