Sun 10-7 Surprise session

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Sun 10-7 Surprise session

Well, I had a surprise session up at the LLSC. I went up to see my grand nephew race his Optimist pram. They had a big regatta with around 90 or more boats spread over a couple of fleets. People came from Miami to NC. A Laser would go by and tower over the little sails.

There were puffs from the east and I was able to go out and catch a few. I don't think I saw a white cap all day but had about 15-20 rides. The fun thing was being closer to the trees than normal which meant the water stayed flat but enough wind still got down to the water.

Saw someone kiting way over at Vann's late but don't know how they did. I tried to cross over but the best wind was up by the clubhouse.

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Re: Sun 10-7 Surprise session

Sailed on Zwerner for about 3 hours.
Wind was good at times
Water temperature should have came up a degree or two the past few days

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