Starboard GO Friendship 4 sale - BARGAIN Alert NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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Starboard GO Friendship 4 sale - BARGAIN Alert NO LONGER AVAILABLE

I'm needing to purchase one the many fine boards now listed in the 4 sail section, so something has to go. In fact, my GO has to go. This is the GO I got recently from Windsurf Board Rescue which needed a little bit of work - a true fixer upper. So I did and it now sails great. (Just not as great as one of the other boards listed for sale herein sails in my imagination.) But it does have a price less than half the competition: $100 including a Drake shallow water fin. And as an added treat is has the coveted "Stealth" paint job I inflicted (I mean applied) on it. It also has something the others don't - marketing videos which show the true planing potential of this "Friendship" GO.

Lest you think that the video is just a product of sailing at OBX, here is a video shot at Lake Lanier (prior to the stealth paint job.) Both videos with a mere 6.0 sail. Just imagine how little wind it will take you to plane if you buy one of the big sails now being offered by our other generous members.

So by helping me, you will be helping others, as I will probably donate 100% of the proceeds from this sale to another ABC member as downpayment for one of his boards.

Sorry guys - it is spoken for -- YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE

Welcome to Atlanta, where windsport dreams come true.

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