Slingshot Videos

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Slingshot Videos

Slingshot has released many videos over the last few hours on YouTube.

The newer Slingshot gear is not the generic gear of the past few years ( and prices reflect this).

I have been very happy with my gear from Slingshot.
I love the V3 Wizard130L although it is a little bit tight with the 8.2m Flyer

New generation Levitator 160 would be good to learn on all the way up to chasing Webguy down on the upwind/downwind course. It has the additional side cutouts that keep it from sticking when you touchdown or hit the top of chop/wake/wave.
I can attest that these cutouts work well on the V3 Wizard.

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Re: Slingshot Videos

I got an email today from Slingshot promoting the new gear. In looking over their web page, I came across their team members. Lo and behold, I found team member Henrike Falkenberg, Big Air kiter from Germany. Nice to know where all the windsport talent (and good looks) in the family tree ended up.

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