For sail - OLD equipment, you've been warned!

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For sail - OLD equipment, you've been warned!

I still have some good stuff that needs a home. I was an avid windsurfer and always bought quality equipment but I won't be sailing again.
This equipment is all in very good condition. The board is completely intact; i.e. never been crashed or repaired.

Mistral Edge CHS (1995):
268cm long, 54.5cm width, 16 lbs, 92 L. This is a SMALL shortboard, but tremendous for those Hatteras days (or sometimes Lanier) when it really rips. Comfortably can carry a 5.5, perfectly balanced with a 4.5. This board is WICKED fast, but gives up some stability in big chop. Matches Hatteras conditions really well. Also would be a good all-around shortboard for a lightweight sailor (<140 lbs).

When you buy the board it will include: 10" Simmer Style wave fin, 9" True Ames weed fin; Streamline tendon one-bolt mastfoot, three mastbases (one carbon matches the base, two spare aluminum). The whole kit and kaboodle for $250 (OBO)

(I sold the sail)

Also in the picture see various gear bags, tie-down straps, rack pads, stainless fittings, neoprene mittens and hood. Each 'thing' is $5 except $15 for the stainless. The fins and mastfoot/bases need to stay with the board.

Prices as listed or make me an offer on any item or all of it! (Cash only.) Fins only sold with board (Mistral one-bolt system).

Gregg C.
Northeast Atlanta
gcattanach [at]
Call anytime.

Gregg C.

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