PWA 2020 Foil Rules

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PWA 2020 Foil Rules
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Dear Friends

Further to the earlier communication surrounding the foil equipment rules for 2020, the PWA management Board have now made final decisions on the key areas that we received feedback for. In all cases, the PWA Board looked at the feedback from both the industry and sailors’ committees in both Slalom and Foil, before making their final decisions.

Board Width - General feedback from both sailors and industry was clearly in favour of a 91cm maximum board width, so the PWA Board have selected 91cm as the maximum foil board width for 2020.

Sail size – maximum foil sail size will be set at 9m maximum, after reasonably balanced feedback in favour of reducing the size from 10m, to encourage development of sails that could provide the same low down performance in the same light winds, but at smaller sizes.

Luff Length - The feedback on luff length was less clear, and although the industry were slightly in favour of a shorter maximum, the sailors foil committee overwhelmingly supported a 570cm max luff length in order to ensure that development was not too heavily restricted in the first year with a smaller sail size. In the end the PWA Board have chosen to go with a 570cm max luff length for 2020 foil sails.

Separate / Combined Disciplines - The subject of separate or combined disciplines was very much a split one among the industry. 11 brands voted for combining the disciplines, with 9 voting to keep them separate. However, the sailor feedback was overwhelmingly in support of keeping the disciplines separate, so the PWA Board has elected to keep Foil and Slalom as separate disciplines for the 2020 season.

These are the key points regarding the foil equipment rules for 2020, we will be releasing more detailed general updates early in the new year.


Pretty constructive for us non racers. Manufacturer emphasis on not too wide boards and trying to get as much power out of a 9 m sail as possible - even with the new longer luff lengths - instead of sails the size of an Iowa cornfield.

As an owner of a couple of 490 and 520 masts - it looks like my long play is working out. They should double in value. Shok

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