PWA 2020 Events

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PWA 2020 Events

Here's a decent recap of the PWA (pro windsurfing tour) events for the coming year. It looks like a couple of cool things this year

- Slalom will allow either foil or fin to participate in the same race. Having foils will guarantee that events will happen even if winds are just 5 knots. This is a game changer as videos of competitors sitting on the beach will become far fewer. Allowing racers to choose equipment will lead to some interesting results and will likely reward those with good skills in each type of windsurfing.
- Encouraging smaller events with fewer disciplines. Hopefully, this will allow events to be staged in more places over time.
- Foil course racing is no longer a listed event. Not sure what's up with that.

International Windsurfing Tour (more Western Hemisphere Pacific wave event oriented) schedule attached as well

Links to events:

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