Personal Weather Station Data

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Personal Weather Station Data


Did you know that you can access data from personal weather staions on  Check out this one in Suwanee, GA (It's just like


Bill Herderich

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Re: Personal Weather Station Data

In looking at a lot of these, they tend to measure wind in the lee of their garage. There is another station in Cumming IIRC

from 3-6 pm, the suwanee station measured 5-10 while Gilmer was showing 13-15 (not counting the gusts).  Gilmer was about 13-15 all day (with probably higher gusts while suwanee showed 5-10 with a few 15s

choose KGVL

btw, seeing the wind shadow and how far out the wind line at Van Pugh can be, makes me wonder about the wisdom of spending any money for a wind sensor there or most places on Lanier.

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