OBX Week One

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OBX Week One

We all arrived at Nags Head on Saturday afternoon, unloaded, rigged up and sailed until sunset. We couldn't have had a better 1st day with warm 80ºF water and steady SW wind. Despite a no-wind forecast, it actually blew 20-24. Sunday was even better with thermal wind ramping up to SW 25-30 mph in the afternoon. Overnight it rained and a cold front dropped the air temp. to the mid 60's. Yesterday morning we awoke to solid whitecaps churning the sound as NW wind gradually shifted to the NE and then dropped in the afternoon. Sail sizes ranged 5.2 - 6.0m. Rhett foiled briefly on Sat. after we arrived, but converted to a short board as the wind picked up. Yesterday we rode to Ocean Air to check out the new gear. Today so far the wind is light, so Alain sailed a long board, Fred paddle boarded, Pat shopped for booties, Peggy & I walked the beach, Rhett bought a new "skinny" carbon boom & we surfed the ocean with Boogie boards in the afternoon. Peggy's cooking shrimp for dinner.


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