NJ Trip Summer 2021

Made a trip to NJ to visit family late July into early August. Was able to get a couple of good days windsurfing on the bay. First day was outstanding 6.0/85 L and the second was good 7.5/115 L. Also got to try wing foiling for the first time in salt water, both in the bay and the ocean. The ocean was definitely intimidating even though the swell was very small. With a side-off wind(more off than side) the wind became quite a bit stronger the further offshore you went. There was also a small wind swell from the north that wasn't noticeable from the beach that made heading south challenging due to increased likelihood of breaching. In total, I winged 2 days on the bay and 2 days on the ocean. Also got out kayaking a few times and a couple of days surfing. Overall it was a good trip.


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Re: NJ Trip Summer 2021

Outstanding pics!

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Re: NJ Trip Summer 2021

What an outstanding trip!