New speed record attempt

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New speed record attempt

From Boards Magazine


Big Bjorn aims to bring the title back to where it belongs…

While the media attention was focussed on the freestyle event at Fuerteventura, a few people were wondering a) what Bjorn Dunkerbeck was doing there, and b) why what looked suspiciously like a speed course was being set up. Sure enough, the word is that the big man is poised for an
attempt on the world speed record. Windsurfing lost the outright title back in 1993, to the Yellow Pages Endeavour craft which clocked 46.52 knots in Australia, beating Thierry Bielak's 45.34 knots, set earlier that year. Since then, speedsailing as a discipline has faded slightly. But now big Bjorn is looking to bring it back in to the limelight, with some new boards designed by his Proof shaper Carlos Sosa, and new sails from Neil Pryde. He's got top speed sailor Roddy Lewis (best time 44.6kts) on hand
to advise, and his sights firmly set on both the outright record and that 50 knots holy grail.

And right now, they're there - waiting for the conditions to peak. The equipment is set, the winds are picking up steadily.

Following several days of setting up the course and testing some of the newly designed equipment, Björn Dunkerbeck with the support of Roddy Lewis - who once already clocked 44, 6 knots on the open ocean - is carefully watching the development of the winds, which have picked up ignificantly
over the last 24 hours.

For up-to-date images and quicktime movies please go to:

Bill Herderich

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Re: speed record attempt

I just downloaded and watched video-3 (not for the bandwidth-challenged).  Scary fast.

Hey, Tim C., do you still have that Angulo speed needle around?  Looks like thin is in, again.  Be like Bjorn, sail something skinny.  You could put about 7 of his boards side to side to make a single Formula board.


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