New kitting Pictures added to the gallery

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New kitting Pictures added to the gallery

hi all.

I have added some kitting pictures from 11&12 Nov 2006. This time we hired a pro photographer and brought him to Lake Lanier, to shot not-so-proffesional riders... was it worth it...uhmmmm, don't think so, but we all had great fun with awesome wind and it was properlly documented.

Sorry if most of the posted pictures show the poster of the pictures... but I didn't have more pics from other riders, sorry.

Look at them at the gallery in this website (ABC's), under the header: Lake Lanier (Old Federal)kiting session on Nov 11th 2006



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Nice to see some pics. Thanks for taking the time to post Emilio!

Khalil was going to download the video that Seth got from the really windy day and put it on YouTube or something similar. Not sure when he's going to get to it but there is some good footage of Bogdan jumping close to shore.

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