Muscle Shoals Windsurfing Get-Together April 17-18

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Muscle Shoals Windsurfing Get-Together April 17-18

From one of my favorite places to windsurf - posted on our FB page

We are holding a sailboard get together weekend at Muscle Shoals Sailing Club over in Alabama April 17-18. We have a few local board sailors around, but I would like to extend the invitation outwards and make it a party. We have a rocky beach area to launch from that isn't too bad and plenty of grass for rigging/tent camping. I stage my longboard on driftwood, throw sail in water, grab board and pin mast, and take off. Short boards are no issue walking in. Feel free to PM me or the Club’s page with any questions. I'll take some photos of the launch site next week and throw up, but I wanted to go ahead and get the word out! SUP's encouraged as well in case of flat conditions, but April typically has enough pressure to get around on.

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