Maui Sails No Cam 7.5 '15 $275

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Maui Sails No Cam 7.5 '15 $275

Maui Sails Scream No cam 7.5 Exc. condition $275

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The Scream incorporates many design features from our TR series race sails, such as a lower aspect ratio, progressive twist and recessed clew. With the lower aspect ratio and more pronounced lower profile the Scream focuses it's power closer to the riders body, while the progressive leech twist responds perfectly for maximum efficiency giving the Scream outstanding power, control and wind range. On the water, the Scream is incredibly fast and balanced, putting fear into the hearts of cambered sails in a straight line, while the RAF design and light weight make it effortless in the jibes.

For 2015 we have incorporated our high performance, super light, metallized scrim laminate together with our light weight Gradient X-ply, further reducing weight and giving a more responsive feel. Panels orientation is optimized along load lines, helping to provide additional stability. The Scream's high quality and durable construction incorporates heavy duty 5 mil x-ply in the foot, clew and perimeter. Window and mid sail body utilize the responsive properties of monofilm to give that crisp, 'Race like' feel.

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