Le Defi - windy and foily

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Le Defi - windy and foily

First day was nuts with winds 40+kts and even the pros were using small wave sails. Nico Goyard survived the first race and then ran the table on the field. (copied from seabreeze)

Amazing Results at Defi Wind Against 1300 other sailors 465GOYARD, Nicolas111 Points Total 2,8 Points Run 1 22, (discard) Points Run 2 0,7 1st Points Run 3 0,7 1st Points Run 4 0,7 1st Points Run 5 0,7 1st

Using Phantom Foil R 350 front wing 175 Rear wing
Sail Run 1 3.7 sq mtrs
Sail Run 2-5 4.5 sq mtrs
Board Phantom 78 Foil Slalom

Days 1, 2 and 3 videos

For those not familiar with it, Le Defi Wind is the biggest windsurfing race in the world with 1300 registered competitors. It takes place on the southern coast of France famous for the very strong Tramontana winds. Previous weekends hosted competitions for kites and wings.

I'll post the Day 4 video when it's available

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