Late April Trip Suggestions??

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Late April Trip Suggestions??


Anyone have suggestions for the best trip in late april (say 25-28)?  Looking for wind, flat water if possible.

I am thinking 6 hours away or less, say Charleston, Cape San Blas, or Jacksonville, or elsewhere if there is somewhere else I should consider.  Just went to Charleston, but would go back if its the best call.


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Re: Late April Trip Suggestions??

Plops currently at the gorge, for a tune-up before Hatteras. Semi-flat water, i.e. head high chop, moderate winds, i.e. 25-60, and mild temps, i.e -20. Lots of kites, seen about 70 but only 5 riders. Head south to the pond, or San Blas, it'll be warmer, but wind is a bonus. You may want to wait till next week when we go to Hatteras. It's sure to blow then.



Danny Johnson

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