Lanier 3/27 am report- sweet silk

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Lanier 3/27 am report- sweet silk

NWS forecast : N@10
Reality: SW 6 to 12.

Luscious morning session.  Barest of whitecaps, those little curls you get when the water is flat and the water just gets picked up by the wind.  Took out the Start and the 9.0.  I can't believe this is marketed as a beginner board- it just planes and keeps on planing.  The water was smooth enough at the beginning that I didn't hear the usual slap, slap against the board but rather just the hiss of spray off the tail.  A very cool sound.

Hardly dropped off a plane even though the puffs were 12 tops and lots of time the water  just looked flat.  It really weirds you out that you are sailing along with hardly a whitecap in sight, anywhere.  

While the forecast was N, the wind was very SW.  This seems to have happened a lot lately.  Mall of GA effect?  Who knows.

I know big stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you don't tell my harness, I won't say a word either.  All my little Reactor bar knows was that it spent all morning hooked in.


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Re: Lanier 3/27 am report- sweet silk

Late session - Wednesday - I sailed 7.0 from 5:30 til 7:00. I was expecting NW but seemed mostly W to SW.  Couldn't really tell before I got out on the water how good it would be.  Power was a little marginal, but I was mostly planed up and having a good time. Late, I stopped briefly on the little island with the sun setting, moon rising behind the cranes roosting in the pine trees.

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