Kiting the bay Wed 7/1

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Kiting the bay Wed 7/1

Our company has a SJ office again and I am thankful.

In the early 00's
I learned how to stay upwind on a longboard board at Candlestick park
Later I learned how to waterstart at Coyote pt

And before that I had surfed at Fort Point, but I had never windsurfed at Chrissey Field.

So, I set up a kiting session with Kite The Bay - I have finally been in the water off Chrissey Smile

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Re: Kiting the bay Wed 7/1

Stuff some of that wind into your carry on before you fly back.

Great pic. btw, if you get a chance and don't mind sharing, could you email me a hi rez version for the web site? Thanks.

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