June Meeting???

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June Meeting???


There is a conflict with the date/location for the June meeting between the newsletter "Calendar" and the web site "upcoming events and trips":

Newsletter: June 11 (Tuesday) at Brandy House
Web site: June 10 (Monday) at Galt's Ferry

What is the correct place and time and do I need to mail out correction notices?


Bill Herderich

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Re: June Meeting???

Me bad.  In the past several years, we've had the june meeting at galts since it would stay light for so long.  A couple of times, folks have sailed.  There's nothing sacred about the date, though.

I should have said June 11, though.  I miscounted.

Anybody in favor either way?  Otherwise we'll go with the Brandy House and save Bill from licking another 100 stamps.


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