Joys of Old Age

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Joys of Old Age

I am new to the area (Athens) and must exit the sport having windsurfed since the mid-70's back when there was only one board made. Last summer, I bought a Kona One Design board, and a large amount of gear including high end 6.8, 7.7 and 9.0 meter sails, 100% carbon masts, etc. My old man's back simply will not allow my getting out any longer and all this gear is unused and for sale at very discounted prices. The board is here and the rest of the gear in Colorado, but can be shipped this direction easily. The Kona is surprisingly fast for a large board, as well as being usable in low winds. See the videos on YouTube. Please make contact if interested. Sorry I will not be able to join you all out there this summer.


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