It must be Christmas at Gene's Consigment

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It must be Christmas at Gene's Consigment

This is a quick reminder that Gene’s Consignment Shop has some very nice gear, new and almost new, which would make great Christmas presents. Some examples are:

JP Freeride 130 for $850 -this is a 2002 model, 130 liters, only sailed a couple of times, it is in perfect condition and comes with fin, so if you're thinking of a new board, check this out first, save a few bucks and don't pay tax and shipping.

Seatrend All-Star 62 for $450 - this is a flapper board which planes early and will run up or downwind with ease, it’s 130 liters, has 3 fins and a custom board bag, it is in excellent condition, the fins and the bag alone are worth the price, it’s like getting the board for FREE.

Island Comp 285 for only $335 - this is a custom built 130 liter board that is very, very nice, it really is a bargain at this price, it is super light and super fast.

Fiberspar Worldcup Carbon boom for $200 - it is in excellent shape, 180 to 226 cc, should rig from 8.5? -5.5 sails, and comes with adjustable lines and uphaul, so if you want to upgrade to a carbon boom but don't want to spend $500, now’s the chance.

SAILS, I have some very nice sails, some look new and one is new ( 7.5 V-8 ) and I have sails in the 7.5 - 8.5 range, midrange 6.5 area, and down to 5.0s, I have race sails and no-cam sails.

MASTS, I have them too, I have a couple of Carbon Masts with a lot of carbon, 75% and 80%.

Check out the complete listing at  or give me a call at 770-967-0104 or email me at


Also, if you need some extra Christmas cash, let me help sell your extra gear.


Gene Mathis

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